Young Saver


  • Designed for children within the age group 0-18 years

  • Access limited to Parents and Guardians only

  • Interest earned once a year

  • Statements – monthly, quarterly or half yearly

  • Opening balance Tshs 5,000

  • Low minimum operating balance of Tsh 20,000

  • Cash withdrawal is limited once after every three months or four times per annum.

  • A penalty of TZS.10,000 for extra withdrawal more than once per quarter or more than four times per annum.

  • The customer will draw money from the account once per quarter not more than 50 percent of total savings maintained in the account.


  • Affordable

  • Security

  • Savings plan for children needs

  • Returns on savings, earn an attractive interest rate 4% p.a.

  • Convenience

  • Earn Bonus interest of 0.5% for maintaining account balance of TZS. 5 Millions for the whole year without withdrawal.

  • The account can be changed into a personal savings account when the children are over 18 years old.


  • None (No withdrawal charges and Maintenance fee)


  • Original and copy of personal Identification for none DCB customer

  • For DCB customers Parent/Guardian no need of submitting an introduction letter from the local leader or Employer.

  • Birth Certificate/ Notification of birth of child/affidavit

  • Two quality colour Passport sized photographs of Parent/Guardian

  • Two quality colour passport sized photographs of Child

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