Foreign Currency Services

  • This is a Treasury division product which deals with specialized products/instruments in the Foreign Currency Markets.

    • Spot Rates: We trade in all major currencies and offer some of the most competitive rates in the market. Our opening and closing rates are available in our daily market commentary.

    • Forward Contracts: Through this product, we enable our customers with known foreign currency inflows or outflows to hedge against currency fluctuations thereby enabling them to plan better on revenue and cost.

    • Swap Contracts: Swaps allow our customers to manage the exchange and interest rate risks associated with financing and investing in other currencies. Swaps are also valuable for long-term hedging of translation risk and also represent an attractive alternative to long-term forward exchange cover.

    • Engineered Swap: Involve a spot transaction and an offsetting forward transaction in which each of the two transactions is carried out with a different counter party.

    • Long Term Forward: cover This product allows your business to mitigate foreign exchange risk in situations where you have borrowed foreign currency on a long-term basis.

    Forward Range Options: With this product, you protect your business from large currency fluctuations and confine yourself to only small moves within a specified time period
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