Current Account - Company


  • No minimum operating balance

  • Direct payments to the account salaries, standing orders etc

  • Transfers from other accounts

  • Available at all DCB branches

  • Statements of accounts provided at regular intervals.


  • Access through other DCB branches

  • Convenient & easy to operate

  • Flexibility

  • Easy to open

  • You can be provided with overdraft facility

  • Provided with cheque book

  • Withdraw any amount from your account

  • Attractive interest rate 1% p.a for balance above TZS. 200 Million

  • Bank’s ID (ATM card) TZS. 13,000


  • Opening balance TZS. 100,000.

  • Two quality color passport size photographs.

  • Business Name Registration Certificate and Extract from the Registrar

  • General Requirements for opening account for each of authorized signatory

  • Application letter to open bank account at the branch

  • Search from Registrar of Companies to obtain status on compliance with governing laws, establish its existence, shareholding and board composition.

  • Visitation of company’s business premises

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