Solidarity Group Lending


Solidarity Group Loans is the process of advancing loans of small amounts with its security is based on group guarantee of five people with weekly regular repayments and deposits. The purpose of the loan is to provide finance for supporting economic activities of households and youth in the informal sector, small and medium enterprises with potential for creation of employment.


Loan Amount
From TZS 200,000/- To TZS 5,000,000/-
Membership Fee
TZS 6,000/-
Turnaround Time
Three (3) Workings Days
Interest Rate
2.5% flat per Week
Repayment Model
Repayment Period
Three (3), Six (6), Nine (9) and Twelve (12) MONTHS
Insurance Rate


  • 5 persons who enjoy mutual trust will form a group.
  • Should be the residents of the area of operations or nearby communities.
  • Group members should not belong to the same family
  • To attend four days pre loan training (once a week for four weeks)
  • To have loan approval from members of the group
  • To contribute emergency fund TZS. 200 per week
  • To save TZS. 5,000 minimum per week.
  • Insurance 1.5%
  • The business to be financed must have a regular cash flow
  • Maximum age limit for SGL borrower’s (Customers) shall  be 65 years
  • NIDA ID or Introduction letter from local leader.
  • ID/ Passport- Originals to be viewed and copies attached.
  • Two passport size-photograph.
  • Security will be Borrowers weekly savings,Movable households’ properties e.g. Radio, TV, Bed Sheets, Sewing machine, Bicycle or stocks of goods, Members Guarantee and Immovable properties.
  • Commitment fee 3% will apply from second loan on-wards

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